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Mind Align Child Therapy Training (MACTT)

Training program for Professionals  – The Mind Align Child Therapy Training Program (MACTT) is a course specifically designed for professionals already in mental health care to work with children more effectively in their therapy rooms. 

The objectives of the course are on how to provide children of all ages with a powerful six session therapy program that instils behavioural change and empowerment. 

The course is packed with many tools, techniques, strategies and coaching methods based around NLP, Visual Rehearsal , Mindfulness and Meditation that can be applied easily to the child therapy context, and that also go beyond six sessions.  

I have been using this program in my own therapy room for the last six years, and after having great success with it, I am happy to teach others the same so that more children can benefit and start to enjoy better mental health. 

The course is two days of face to face learning in a small comfortable group environment. Groups are never larger than 10 people at a time so that delegates can build and foster good friendships with each other, practice the techniques easily , ask questions without feeling overwhelmed and create a sense of good team spirit and fun learning with the content.


  1. NLP – Neuro Linguistic programming 
  2. NLP – Techniques and strategies 
  3. Mental Imagery work with children 
  1. Visual Rehearsal work with children 
  2. Meditation for with children 
  3. Mindfulness for children 
  1. Breath work with children 
  2. How to empower children through language 

Course Module Content

  1. Changing your focus and intentions 
  2. Mental imagery 
  3. Visual Rehearsal techniques
  4. Using good language that changes behaviour
  5. Correcting negative behavioural patterns 
  6. Understanding and changing belief systems 
  7. Goal setting for children 
  8. Accountability – taking ownership of behaviour and behavioural changes
  9. Mindfulness and meditation for children and young people
  1. Learn about anxiety and stress and how they can affect a child’s  confidence and self esteem
  2. NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – what it is and how it can change everything quickly for the child you are working with
  3. NLP techniques and strategies that can empower the child 
  4. Building rapport 
  5. Good communication skills 
  6. Understanding emotions 
  7. Mastering emotions 
  8. The power of affirmations
  9. Having a positive mindset and positivity outcomes
  1. Self awareness and self love
  2. Compassion for self and others 
  3. Breath work – easy techniques 
  4. Learning to be resilient in the face of adversity and change 
  5. Acceptance and forgiveness 
  6. Learning to let go of problems and challenges that are not theirs 
  7. What to do when your child is not interested 
  8. Dealing with difficult children 
  9. Neuro diversity 


  1. Six session program details step by step 
  2. Full course manual 
  3. Ongoing support 
  4. Recommended resources 
  5. Workbooks for children 
  1. Merchandise (optional to buy) – stress balls, journals, flash cards  etc
  2. Option to be part of a body of therapists 
  3. Client referrals 
  4. Be part of a community of child therapists for support and advice 


Course Price: £899
Early Bird Price: £849