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Schools & CYP Organisations

Many children in school have barriers to learning and often require that extra support from the in-house learning mentors and pastoral care.

Children these days are often plagued with fear and anxieties around friendships, bullying, social media, family problems, study stress, climate change, bereavements or even sexuality etc, the list of scary uncertainties seems to be endless. 

The techniques, strategies and coaching in my six session program can help them to rebuild their confidence and capabilities so that they begin to learn to cope with everything happening around them. The “Happier Me” program can help them to realise how to deal with their own emotions and build resilience in their daily lives. There is a strong focus on the internal language that they use regularly that may be hindering from thriving and learning in the school environment. When children are happy and relaxed, the teacher’s job is made easier as it allows them to focus on teaching them new educational content. Mission accomplished!

As educators or caregivers in establishments you can focus on their mental well-being in two ways:


These are delivered by myself within school hours and focus on confidence and managing anxiety, or other specific areas that can be discussed. The workshops last a whole school day and can be geared towards any specific age group from 8-18 years. The groups are small and have no more than 10 children at a time. This way, quieter children do not find themselves being intimidated and can engage and participate fully.

Professional Therapy Training

Why not have your own in house pastoral care team trained to deliver my six session therapy program. The program focuses on delivering one to one coaching for any child 8-18. As above, the program focuses on internal language, changing focus and reframing challenges. It is very common for children to not want to talk very much about their problems and they may even find it  difficult to articulate them adequately. This is where the techniques and strategies can help the child to move on and start dealing with their own unique challenges.

Therapists and Counsellors 

Working with children often requires a special skill and extra patience you may think. This is true to a degree, but often it is about knowing how to deal with young people appropriately. It is important that they are understood and acknowledged and not undermined just because they are minors, after all, we all need this. With my training program that is created for children specifically, you can be assured that therapy/ coaching sessions can be made so much easier than you may have thought. Having been in the field of mental health for a few years now, I have found that external agencies providing free support are knee deep in requests for therapy and are absolutely bursting at the seams with children waiting to access help. It is a sad and unfortunate situation really BUT, this is where you as a therapist/ counsellor can help with a powerful program packed with solutions for change for children and young people that may well stop them from spiralling further.

What my clients say

I didn’t realize I could have new responses to old problems!

Re-framing my problems as challenges has changed my life!

I feel in control of myself and my behaviours now.