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Reviews from previous clients

I’m really glad I reached out for this service. Priti was very helpful and professional at all times. She helped me to get my life back on track again and start enjoying myself. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to change their life around. Many thanks.


Priti is a lovely, professional lady. Had a lovely voice, perfect for helping me to relax. Understanding lady, listens and helps solve most problems that life throw at you. Really helped me with my anxiety and depression. Helped me see the positive side of things. Would highly recommended

Shelby Calcott

Priti has helped me more than she will ever know, she has given me back my old self, given me guidance and support for 6 weeks and I feel happy and confident again. This time last year I never imagined myself feeling this happy again, ready to move forward in my future with new skills and letting myself grow as a person again. Thank you so much Priti! I’m so glad the old me is back

Katie Young

I would like to thank Priti for the help and kindness shown in my recent sessions. I was in a black hole, due too depression/family loss etc. following my six sessions i now feel like my old self , in fact looking forward to xmas again.

David Smith

Meeting Priti was one of the best things I ever did. She’s helped me become myself again and realise I am not my insecurities or fears. I have become so confident and strong because of this lady and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you for everything Priti, you’ve changed my life.

Hannah Mayall

Getting to know about Priti’s services was purely accidental and when I read about NLP and Hypnotherapy I wanted to experience how it could change my perception about my current situations. When I realised the science behind all these techniques, I could not only understand the process involved but can easily follow it and put it to a good use. This is worth for everyone to experience and be happier than before.


My sessions with Priti literally changed my life in a really Good way. I was suffering from anxiety and now I have learnt so much more how to manage life without stressing myself out and being anxious. I have finally accepted who I am as a person. Life is much more pleasant since Priti worked with me. A very talented and skilful woman. Thank you once again.

Elodie Michaud

I am so thankful to Priti to support my daughter who was suffering mentally for so many years. Now she feels better and wants to live her life in a positive way. Bless you Priti. Really appreciate your help xx

Rifat Hewings

I felt I needed some kind of help with regard to anxiety, shyness, confidence issues. I contacted MindAlign UK and made an initial consultation appointment with Priti, she discussed my initiall issues with me and I subsequently made a further appointment to be Hypnotised. It was las if I was taking a nap, yet after every session I felt better about myself. I do not feel as anxious as I did, if I do, I have been taught to take a moment and meditate. I would have no hesitation booking further appointments on the future should I feel the need to. Thank you

Lauren Clarke

I am so pleased with Mind AlignUK. I had the chance for Priti to work with me, she is amazing and made me feel so comfortable and really was professional. I needed support with a good few issues that I have battled with ( Anxiety, confidence and to stop smoking) I definitely felt that we have addressed these issues . I can honestly say it’s been a such a positive experience I have stopped smoking!! I have decided to carry on with this support and am looking forward to my next hypnotherapy session with Priti (Healing and pain management).

Cindy Williams

Went to Mind Align for hypnotherapy to stop smoking….. it worked !! I was made to feel very relaxed in an atmosphere of calm. Prity was very thorough and took the time to really understand where I was coming from. Highly recommend this service.

Izzy Hawkins

Feel completely hopeless, overwhelmed or stagnent in life? Please come to Priti. She is one of the most lovely, inspirational, approachable and caring people you could wish to meet. Priti will do her best to help an individual help themselves out of their own personal struggles, help you see your potential and make managable steps towards a better future

Amanda Elizabeth Ferguson Kawooya

Having had six sessions with Priti I would definitely recommend. She helped me a lot in dealing with anxiety and depression and taught me a lot of useful strategies. Her sessions always helped me to relax. I feel a lot more confident and more myself after working with her.

Alfie Donovan

I met Priti at a wellness event in the NEC, I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy, I originally approached Priti for my sister. However, I went along for a consultation and I thought I could develop on my confidence. I had been through a difficult marriage and Divorce 2 years prior to meeting Priti an I thought I had healed but little did I know that I was not even close to being whole! I have worked with Priti for a short time and I have changed so much as a person. I finally feel free! Priti has helped me heal and become a much better version of myself.

Manji Kaur

I contacted MindAlign UK and made an initial consultation appointment with Priti, she discussed my initiall issues. As I needed some kind of help with self-esteem, sleeping patterns and confidence issues. After every session I felt better about myself. Priti is kind in professional manner, as well offering helpful advice going forward.


I recently went to Priti for a dog phobia which I had been struggling with ever since I can remember and I am now 20 years old. I must admit I was a little sceptical about the whole process of hypnotherapy because of all of the parodies and entertainment shows which are in the media these days, but all it took was one session with Priti and I realised how wrong I had been. I had a totally of 4 sessions and I can honestly say my life has been changed, for the better in so many says

Gemma Mounter

Priti is a really nice woman who made me feel at ease the second I walked through the door. Over the 6 weeks I was with her I managed to lose lots of weight and I have been given the tools and confidence I need to carry on with my goal. I cant say enough good things about Priti, she is the real deal.

Gregory Donoghue

Hi everyone I Initially went on the internet to see what my options were for some treatment and I came across Priti’ s site. As I made an interest, Priti contacted me and we had a brief chat of what I felt I needed. My first session with Priti was lovely and she made me feel better within minutes. I told her of my past and issues I have had due to that – one of which is confidence. After going through some NLP techniques I have felt great about issues from the past and they no longer bother me. After Priti explains the path your mind uses you begin to understand why things have become crowded with constant judgement and horrible feelings that you can’t let go. I’m in isolation at the moment and feeling pretty crap but having the relaxing techniques that Priti gave me helps me to become more clear and focused in my mind. I have more sessions comming over this year and I hope we can create a better more confident me. I have a goal in life and Priti is creating the path to get me there. Thanks Priti


Priti is a warm and kind-hearted and compassionate woman who clearly cares about her patients and their health. I was suffering from social anxiety and depression and had been for a number of years before contacting Priti. She contacted me within days and offered me a free consultation to see how I felt about progressing further with the sessions. It was a memorable and pleasant conversation where Priti showed a great understanding of my illness and explained some of the reasons I may be feeling this way which revealed a lot of information about my illness that I previously had not known. All 8 sessions I have had with Priti have been insightful and pleasant as she makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable in her presence. Priti offers ‘hypnotherapy’ and discussions on understanding how your mind works and re-programming it through developing new habits and learning techniques and strategies to cope in situations of anxiety or low mood. I have taken inspiration from these sessions and practiced the methods and relaxation sessions in my daily life. I can’t speak highly enough of Priti and the difference she has already made to my life and would recommend anyone suffering with an issue related to mental health to get in touch.

Matthew Horley

I went to Priti due to my social fear which was due to trauma. I couldn’t work or live with this boundary so I decided to get some help. I am so glad that I got in contact with her and as soon as I went to the first session I felt so much better. As I did more sessions with her I began to feel more confident and in control of my life then before. These sessions caused my family to see a positive change in me and my apearance. I began to feel more awake and alert and wanting to get on with life. The sessions are very professional and she provided more then expected. I would highly recommend Priti to anyone who is suffering with any mental issue as she is understanding and dedicated to help others.


I cannot thank Priti enough for her work these past few months. I reached out to Priti at one of my lowest points, I have suffered bad anxiety for number of years and got to the point where it started effecting my day to day life and got me in a depressive state. I was still skeptical on hypnotherapy and therapy in general because I honestly couldn’t see myself getting better. After a number of sessions, I honestly still can’t believe the turnaround, I haven’t felt anxiety to the level I had it before, it does sometimes still creep up on me but I know I just need to keep going with therapy and see it all the way through for it to work 100%. I would highly recommend Priti, she is amazing, makes you feel so comfortable and you know your in a safe place.


My son was really struggling from Separation anxiety from myself when going to school as I have long term health issues and he was worried about me leaving him. He started seeing Priti once a week and he is a happy little child again, I have my little boy back and I am very grateful for all the support and reassurance she was giving to help him deal with difficult situations. I’m sure she will help plenty more people with her knowledge care and support.

Lorren Large