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Meditation & Mindfulness

It is a fast paced world that we live in today, plagued with economic, social and personal pressures all around us, invading our minds as stress, anxiety, fear and fog.

The result is we are often left with the feeling of inability to relax or even cope with regular day to pressures that are a normal part of life. 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of having awareness of and being present in the very moment of our own existence. Originating form Buddhist traditions, it is a form of meditation that has been rigorously researched and evidenced to show that it can reduce stress levels dramatically when practiced regularly.

As much as we may or may not want to, we cannot enter a time machine and change or freeze the past. If it is a painful past, many people, relive this past again and again, thus reliving the very same pain, over and over.  By staying stuck here in their own minds it often feels impossible to have the capacity to move on and start enjoying the present, even though the past is now over.  The same can be said of the future. As much as we may like to know, we cannot ever be certain of the future.

As countless people have discovered over the past twenty-five years, mindfulness is the most reliable source of peace and joy. Anyone can do it. And it’s become increasingly clear that not only our health and well being as individuals, but our continuation as a civilization and a planet depend on it.

Thich Nhat Nah, (2013)

We cannot even be certain of the next five minutes let alone the next five years!  Anything can happen to anyone at any time – how may times have  we heard this saying, yet we choose to ignore this and stay either brooding about the past or imagining the future which is not even here yet. Really, we should not live in the past nor the future. By being present in the here and now we can certainly try and determine our futures by releasing ourselves of past or future stresses and acting and behaving in ways that help us right now.

By doing this, we can asses what it is that we need right now. We can clear our minds from the mud that has built up from everyday stress and tension to allow a clear picture to be formed of what we need. The essence of this ancient art of living is that in order to appreciate and cultivate this very moment, we have to open our minds and eyes to it first. To see the beauty of the present is to live in the moment itself.

What to expect from my program

In my therapy program I can show you how to put down all the tension and strains of life and start living for the here and now by doing some very simple 5- 10 meditations on a daily basis. By doing this, your troubles may not disappear, (as much as we would like them to) but what essentially happens is that your responses to those troubles change. Therefore, YOU change as a result too. You become less bothered and more relaxed and calm from that result. You can feel more in control of your own life, making it a much happier life and instead, start to cherish perhaps how far you have come and evolved.

Common benefits of Mindfulness

  • Control emotions
  • Control anxiety
  • Control depression
  • Experience well being and happiness
  • Feel calm and relaxed about life’s pressures

What my clients say

By practising mindfulness, I feel much calmer and in control of my life.

By practising mindfulness, I now control my anxiety attacks easily.