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COVID-19 Update

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Monday, May 10th, 2021

Posted in Clinic news | Posted by Priti Parekh

I’m pleased to say that I have returned to the clinic now and am taking bookings for face to face therapy again!

Please note, that the clinic now has specific hygiene protocols in place when working with all face to face clients.

All clients must arrive five minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment time in order to wash hands and apply the sanitizer which is supplied in the reception area.

Please wear your mask at all times when outside the therapy room. Your mask can be removed once in the therapy room as there is enough space between the seats. It can be very uncomfortable to wear a mask and talk for almost an hour! Even so, if you feel like you would like to keep it on then of course you may.

Please only bring with you minimal items or bags to avoid any potential germs from the virus to spread.

Please place all keys or phones straight into your coat or bag before entering the building.

On your first visit you will be sked to sign a disclaimer that you are free from Covid and that you have not been in contact with anyone who has had the virus in the last seven days etc.

To arrange a booking with me at the clinic, please submit a request via the form, or call me on 07811 043 905.

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