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Weight Loss & Healthy Living

Shifting excess weight can be extremely difficult for many people.

With the Hypno Health six week programme of Hypnosis and NLP Coaching specially designed for weight loss, you could be well on your way to losing the excess weight once and for all.

The program works successfully by changing your mindset, your relationship to food and encouraging a healthier lifestyle that is easy to sustain.

The Hypno Health Program works using Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and NLP Coaching techniques. This is a proven methodology and has been tried and tested many times over. This is my unique version of this program as it combines the above strategies together to provide a powerful and long lasting solution for weight loss. We all know that fad diets do not work. Yet, so many people find dieting and weight loss programmes inviting due to the fact that they promise quick results! But that is precisely all that happens. However, approximately 85% of the people who lose weight this way put it all back on (and usually more) within the next five years. That is why it is a very successful and billion pound industry. If you have decided to stop contributing to this industry and control your weight and health your own way, then maybe it is time to get in touch with me.


  • A change in your mindset about what you eat
  • Pre recorded by myself weight loss audios for 5 weeks straight to your inbox
  • All the information you need to know about eating and exercise – no more conflicting ideas
  • Notebook and pen to record your journey and success
  • Water bottle for extra fluid intake
  • No calorie counting
  • No starving
  • No specific food categories
  • More motivation to exercise
  • No specific exercise plan – as long as you do some exercise that you enjoy
  • Increased CONTROL of your own life
  • Increased self worth and confidence levels
  • Feel positive and amazing about yourself and your body

If you want to lose weight the easy way for good then get in touch with me right now!

Common treatment benefits

  • Change of attitude to weight management
  • Love and respect your body
  • Change your relationship with food
  • More motivation to exercise
  • More control of self and emotions

What my clients say

I love how I stopped battling with myself!

It’s amazing how the weight dropped off once I relaxed about it!

Changing my language patterns shifted my eating behaviors.

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