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Integral Eye Movement Technique is a rapid change work tool used in therapy for anxiety, depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

When we are affected negatively by our memories, this can change our whole outlook on life, leaving us stuck to that part of life for what may possibly be a long time. In fact, in some cases, when memories do not fade they can even become stronger and sometimes possibly reconstructed due to them being revisited so often.

How does IEMT work?

IEMT works on memory imprints that are causing the emotion. It does not work on the emotion alone, but on the basis of removing negative emotions from memories with the use of eye movements to create change. The memories remain of course, however, as the eyes are moved in certain rhythmic sequences, by following the practitioners finger movements, the positioning of that memory changes and therefore the emotion attached to that memory also changes.

After having had this therapy, clients may well experience a new found freedom from the release of negative emotions. Being attached to past trauma can be harrowing, causing long lasting self limiting beliefs within the psyche. This therapy also includes work on identity of the self – exploring what has happened in the past in relation to where they are right now. This  facilitates clarity and focus, making the mind much quieter and happier. It also allows for better decision making and goal setting for a brighter future.

One of the plus points (in my own opinion) of this technique is that clients are not asked to revisit and discuss the negative memories at length so much so that they begin to affect them adversely while in the therapy session. One of the major reasons why many people refuse therapy in the first place is because it is possibly too painful for them to recall and discuss  the original trauma they may have experienced. Yes, in some cases, clients may be more suited to counselling therapy where they can explore their feelings at length to overcome them, however, this technique does not employ this method. This may be the case for bereavements for example, where clients may well need to see a bereavement counselor instead. If this technique is not suited to you, you will be advised accordingly.

Common benefits of IEMT

  • Clears mental fog
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Creates feeling of well being
  • Negative memories are dealt with
  • No painful discussions required
  • Instant results
  • Fewer sessions required than many other talking therapies

What my clients say

This is really weird but amazing!

I can’t believe that that memory no longer bothers me!

I can’t believe that it is so quick!

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