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For Adult

The Best You! Feeling Super Confident

It can be hard to speak out and speak up sometimes, or perhaps all the time? This audio may help you to start realising your own super hero self inside!

Sleep easy now

Feel tired, restless and irritable due to a lack of sleep? Try this audio to help you drift off to a restful place so you can feel refreshed and revitalised in the morning.

Release tension and stress

Don't let work stress get you down any longer! Stay cool with this comforting audio. Impress your boss and colleagues by taking it all in your stride.

Stop worrying and relax

Listen to this audio regularly and stay calm and collected at all times. Let the worry demons go on their way for good as you master the art of relaxing.

For Children

Night night! Sleep easy now

Help your child to sleep a deep and restful sleep with this soothing audio so they can recharge their batteries to wake up feeling refreshed and alert the next day.

The Magical Rainbow of Confidence for Children

Need more confidence? Enjoy this magical Rainbow of Confidence to build on your child's confidence and self esteem.

Your Superhero Self - Self Belief for Children

Need a bravery and courage injection for your child? This audio may help your little ones to be much braver and outgoing with some self belief.

You've got this! Overcoming Worry for Children

Worried and anxious children? Try this calming audio to reduce your child's stress levels, enabling them to relax and partcipate in fun activities.