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Here are some of the most common questions asked by clients:

General questions

No I’m sorry at the moment it is only online therapy

The last appointment is at 5.00 – 6.00pm.

I work from Monday to Friday online

It is always best to reschedule appointments 48 hrs in advance as someone else can have your space that way.

Yes there is a £30 charge for missed appointments without notice – Missing appointments also affects your success levels!

Not at all – all the techniques I use are safe – please feel free to ask as many questions as you like in the consultation.

Yes of course you can – but I always remind people that therapy is a process and you should be kind and patient with yourself – just as I will be with you:)

That depends on your challenges and your commitment to change. The more you practice the techniques we discuss, the faster your progress will be! The more you believe in the program, the better the results will be! Generally speaking, people start to feel better even after the consultation because they know that something positive is happening now….

Transfers only please – details will be sent to you on booking your first session.

Yes it is – There is a £20 discount for paying for 6 sessions in advance. It also reduces the faff of payments every time we have a session..

Therapy for children questions

Yes, all therapy is only online at present

It often depends what the challenge is- but usually 6-7 years old

Your child will be fine 🙂 Enjoy some well deserved ‘me’ time !

All sessions are one hour long but sometimes they may need to be less if there are concentration issues or your child is quite young

If your child is still very anxious about the therapy after meeting me – then I may not be the right therapist for your child. Although, I hardly ever have children unwilling to have therapy after the consultation as this is a nice opportunity for us to meet and decide this. Try not to worry. If parents are relaxed, children feel better no matter how anxious they seem.

Yes of course you can – but I always remind people that therapy is a process and you should be kind and patient with yourself and your child – just as I will be with your child:)

That depends on the challenges and their commitment to change. The more your child practices the techniques we discuss, the faster the progress will be! Try to keep your child optimistic and motivated towards the program

Absolutely not – nobody wins here I’m afraid! It is best to wait until they are ready and are willing to take ownership of the therapy and their own behaviour!

Yes – I simply can not work without it!

I try to make the sessions as fun as possible so that children engage and learn new skills quickly

This depends on your child’s age and the content of what they discuss with me in the session. If there is a safeguarding issue, i.e. your child is at any risk of harm, then yes, this will be shared with other professionals

This will be £25 and should be paid before we meet

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