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Garry Reeves

I am proud to say that I am a NLP4Kids Practitioner. For many years I had been looking for ways to help my children (four children and four grandchildren) be happy so they can become fabulous human beings in their adulthood. I feel this world we live in places a heavy burden on our young people. Although many children do come through as wonderful people, some require more help.
With this in mind, I had researched ways that I could personally help not only my own children, but other children too.
With children and young adults some of the main issues I discovered were things like anxiety, low esteem, exam stress, depression, eating disorders, concentration levels and more. This led me to investigate into solutions to these problems, and I discovered NLP4kids. So I studied and became a NLP4Kids child therapist. The work I do helps children and young people in a fun and enjoyable but educational and therapeutic way. It has had a profound effect on those we have worked with.
I believe together we can turn anything around and become even more proud of our children. NLP4Kids have helped my children and will empower and enthuse yours.
I have also studied Hypnotherapy for adults too, and have achieved a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. I believe that this therapy can and has helped many people with all types of anxiety, from low self-esteem to, eating disorders and bad habits, such as smoking and drink related issues.
This alternative therapy has changed people’s lives for the better, and can change yours too.
So give me a call and we can arrange a consultation to see how together we can make a difference.